We are a Queer owned small business in San Diego, California. We up-cycle unwanted materials and repurpose them into one of a kind clothing for everyone to enjoy. All of our clothing is genderless, for all identities.

All of the materials we use are second hand. We dumpster dive, thrift and take donations. We redistribute the majority of donations that are in good condition to different local shelters that directly support those who are in need of clothing in our community. The rest that have imperfections, we cut up and artistically repurpose by hand. We want to show the world that your style does not have to negatively affect the environment. When you buy used you are making a difference and supporting our Earth. It's our mission to inspire the world to buy used and support sustainable brands that are helping the Earth, not hurting it.
When you purchase from us, not only are you are supporting our mission of giving trash a new life and a new home, you are supporting artists with a dream to change the fashion industry for the better.